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Our Charity

The vision of our organisation is to “Put Smiles On Faces”. We endeavour to do this by providing great experiences, facilities and service for all of our customers. However we want to do more than just that-

Our Mission

You may not know but Absolutely Leisure is a registered as a charity. We have been registered with the charity commission since 2009and have the following charitable objectives-

•    To provide and preserve good health through community participation in healthy recreation

•    To provide facilities and services for recreation or other leisure in the interests of social welfare

•    Provide special facilities for persons who by reason of their youth, age, infirmity, disability, poverty, social or economic circumstances have a need.

We fulfil these objectives by providing affordable, quality and where possible inclusive facilities across our portfolio. We also provide free and subsidised access to our services for community and charity groups in order to directly help them meet their need or to raise funds to support their objectives.

We already work closely with Berkshire blind Society, Arbourvale School, Manor Green School, The openwork foundation and many others.

Absolutely Together

We recognise that we still want to do more so we have formed a separate charitable arm to the business in order to deliver our own charitable projects. Absolutely Together is a charitable initiative that will look to “Put Smiles on Faces” of 3 of the most vulnerable groups in society-

•    The Elderly Facing Isolation

•    Children with a disability

•    Disadvantaged youngsters

Through leisure and activities we will help these vulnerable groups alleviate loneliness, social isolation, hardship and prejudices; providing exciting projects that help the isolated connect and have opportunities to live a happy and fulfilled life.

To get more information about Absolutely Together, download our case for support here

Our Projects

We need as much support as possible to deliver our ambitious charitable initiatives. Any money raised by Absolutely Together is 100% guaranteed to go directly into funding the projects to make these groups smile.

The overhead of supporting these project is and will continue to be entirely funded by the profits generated by Absolutely Leisure, allowing all donations raised to go directly to making people smile.

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